Gold Coast Roof Repairs

When a new tiled roof is installed or when a roof has had a restoration, it is important that weep holes are installed into the bedding. This allows for the condesation build-up within the ridge capping underside cavity, to exit and flow down through the weep holes and onto the “valley” of the roof.

Without weep holes installed into the concrete bedding, the build-up of condesation under the ridge capping cavity will flow back into the upper ceiling area thus causing water stains on the ceiling.

Often you will find that tiled roofs that have had a restoration haven’t had the weep holes re-drilled. Call us on 5531 3133 to book in for an assessment & quote.


Correct installation of weep holes


The universal rule with weep holes, is that they are installed on the left hand side of every “valley” of the roof.