Gold Coast Roof Repairs

Ongoing Maintenance

Our family owned and operated business offers a complete service where we continue over the years to ensure all aspects of your roof are checked and maintained. We recommend that you have an “Annual Roof Inspection & Maintenance” program be put into place. This would ensure that your roof remains in a good order and will minimize (if not eliminate) and future expensive, avoidable and inconvenient leaks. Most insurance companies will not recognise and resulting storm damage and water penetration that is caused by a lack of maintenance or non-attendance of known issues. And in some instances the internal (or subsequent) damage would also not be claimable.

As part of our annual inspection maintenance service we would:
  • repair or replace and badly broken tiles including those under the concrete bedding
  • reseal and repair all tiles with chipped corners
  • reseal and repair all splits in the lead flashing and where necessary to re-patch the tears
  • reseal TV and Pay TV aerial bolts and cable entries
  • refit and secure all lose and slipped tiles in the valleys
  • and clear leaves and other debris from all valleys and gutters on your tiles roof, to ensure good water flow “away” from the roof.

Roof Repairs

Stop the Leaks. We repair all leaks from tiled roofs. Leaks can be caused by a number of issues from broken tiles and cracked bedding to blocked gutters or can even be caused by poor design and/or construction which would normally go undetected until a problem arises.Shieldcoat

We only use quality products such as Shieldcoat  Colour-matched Flexible Acrylic
Pointing on ridge capping. This product is designed to contract and expand with the roof in the heat of the day and the cool of the night to ensure your roof remains water tight in Australia’s harsh environment.

The roof over your home is the most important protection you will ever have against the outside elements but it is also the most overlooked part of a home as problems are not usually visible until a leak occurs on the internal ceiling. It is only upon close inspection that problems can be found and rectified. This is why we only provide qualified and professional workmanship to our clients and provide a 5 year warranty on all structural repairs that we carry out.