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Leaf Guard Installation

Permanent Leaf Guard

Installing permanent leaf guards into your valleys and gutters is the easiest way to take the hassles out of cleaning your valleys and gutters. By leaving Gutter Guard installed your gutters and valleys will remain free from leaves and debris build-up which causes your downpipes and gutters to overflow. Avoid the inconvenient and expense of water damaged internal ceilings because of blocked water flow due to leaf build up.

Leaf build up at the valley will cause rainwater to flow over both sides of the valley iron and into the ceiling cavity and build up of leaves in the gutters will cause the rainwater to either spill over the edge of the gutters or will flow back under the bottom row of tiles and into the eaves.

As in the photos below, these are varying qualities of leaf guard available. We prefer to install the better quality, more effective leaf guard as in the picture on the right hand side, as this product will last longer and won’t need to be monitored as closely as the cheaper version as in the picture on the left.


Poorer quality – note that it does not fit snuggly & that leaves can still penetrate. This leaf guard would need to be monitored on a regular basis
Installed @ $11.00/m


EXAMPLE of better quality more effective leaf guard installation.

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